Brooch Bouquets

Wedding Flowers

Do you want something a little different and unique? Brooch bouquets maybe that something special that you are looking for.  With stunning handmade designs the brooch bouquet can have a charming vintage look and be bang on trend whilst at the same time adding some personal effects or keepsakes that you would like included into your wedding day.

Brooch bouquets have some great benefits from the traditional flower displays.

They can be a beautiful keepsake and memory of your special day for years to come

The bouquet can be passed down to a special friend or relative on their wedding day.

Antique brooches, jewels, feathers, crystals, vintage buttons, pearls and  diamante beads can be pulled together in one design to give you a truly sparkly, unique vintage look.

Add a sentimental jewels such as your Grandma’s brooch

There is a great choice of colours, textures, sixes and shapes available and if you want to add colour then feathers and ribbon can be good

Crystal Brooch Bouquets

With an elegant and vintage look, the crystal twinkles from these bouquets will have you feeling like true Cinderella. Made from crystal accessorizes, Swarovski crystal and vintage brooches they are a heirloom in their own making and with all the traditional bouquet shapes available to buy you will be sure to find a loved treasure.

Silver and Pearl Brooch Bouquets

For a softer, classic look why not add pearls to your bridal bouquet. Pearls or pearl beads come in a various cream shades from near white to peach and ivory plus there are strings of pearls, round  and oval shapes with lots of sizes to choose from.  Clusters of pearls or the odd few will bring in a more interesting look to your bouquet and at the same time still follow a vintage bouquet theme.

Colourful Brooch Bouquets

For a truly personalised look these multi colour bouquets are fun, exciting vibrant and have a unique look of their own. They almost look like they have been made from a collection of  the family jewels with decades of history. Purple brooch bouquets are very popular and as purple is a colour that represents luxury it will fit in perfect and complement  crystals and jewels.